Part-time Staff

Sisay Shannon-Tamrat: Vista Fellow 2021-2022
Kate Smith-Thompson: Vista Fellow 2021-2022
Elsa Skogen: Vista Fellow 2021-2022
Samantha Sorvaag: MSW Intern
Christina Norris: MSW Intern

Board of Directors

Claudia Diggs
Board President
Joan Molenaar
Vice President
Loriann Granados
Bill Kos
Additional Board Members
Abdisamed (AJ) Awed
Dr. Jimmie Heags, Jr.
Shawn Renee Kennon
Scott Labott
Mark Robbins
Dr. Sharon Press
Tessa Wetjen
Community Services

Giving Hennepin County residents an opportunity to respectfully move from conflict to resolution.


Court Services

Facilitating the resolution of court dispute through private, efficient, respectful conversations


Youth and Restorative Services

Supporting youth by holding them accountable, repairing harm and improving conflict resolution and decision making skills. 96% succeeded!

Mediators Trained

Volunteer and Training Opportunities

Investing in our community through Volunteer Development and Mediation & Restorative Practices trainings

Contact Us

Please reach out with any questions you may have, we're here to help!

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For information on funding or service contracts email:
For information about setting up a mediation or volunteer opportunities email:
Para servicios en español, por favor llámenos al 612-629-6058